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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kylo's Anger Management

Most of us find it hard to control our emotions from time to time. If your anger gets in the way of your relationships with family and friends, maybe its time to change. Take the first step by getting some counselling. Then Kylo can help show you how to finish what you have started.

Nobody said anger management had to be about getting rid of anger. Some people might just need to know how to focus and direct it a bit better instead!

Only £17.00 at Etsy

See size, colour and style options on the product page on Etsy. You will also be able change the pricing options to your local currency.

Also available on iPhone casesposters and greetings cards from RedBubble as well as prints, laptop skins, and iPhone skins from Society6 and more stuff on Teepublic.

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