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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get Your Ass to Mars

Total Recall is a classic movie and ‘Get you ass to mars’ is one of the most classic lines in it. So I thought I had better do a doodle loosely based on it.

I thought it needed a tweak or two to work for a T-shirt, so I’ve used a little artistic licence to bring it bang up to date.

So buy yourself a T-shirt and help me out. I’ve got 5 kids* to feed!

*I don’t have 5 kids.

Only £17.24

See size, colour and style options on the product page on RedBubble. You will also be able change the pricing options to your local currency.

Also available on posters, prints and cards from RedBubble and prints, laptop skins and iPhone cases from scoiety6.

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